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Call Vonnie Davis to schedule a time to discuss the various programs available to see how we can assist with your operation's success.
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 Finance Programs

​When you finance through FS Agri-Finance, you work with leading agriculture professionals who know each farming operation is different. The expert, skilled staff at Illini FS is ready to assist you to satisfy your unique needs.​

Crop Input Financing                                                      

Financing of all customer's inputs, cash rent Interest ​​​and discretionary needs. This loan is designed to finance all crop expense purchases through Illini FS including any and all Energy products. We have an interest rate buy-down program to go with the crop input loan that rewards our loyal customers.
* Custom Application Services 
* Fertilizer
* Grid Mapping, Scouting and Equipment 
* Structures - Bins, Dryers, etc.
* Grain Storage

Energy Financing ​

Convenient way to finance your energy needs. Interest​ rate is competitive.​ This program is designed to finance all your Energy needs.
* LP​
* Bulk Fuel​​
* Oil & Lubricants​
* Fuel 24​​​
* Tires​​