​Illini FS Farmtown “Offering a wide variety of products for the home gardener, the pond enthusiast and the animal lover”


Annuals and Perinnials.JPG

Annuals & Perennials

​Spring Annuals and Perennials. Fall Mums, Kale, and Pansies. Poinsettias in December

Horse Feed.jpgHorse Feed

Progressive Nutrition Total Equine Tribute Equine Nutrition

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Propane & Kerosene

​Propane Bottle Exchange Site Propane Bottle Filling Site Kerosene Filling Station

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Organic & Naturals

​Ewe Poo Compost and Soil Amendment Happy Frog Fertilizers Natural Guard Corn Gluten and Diatomaceous Earth Earth-worm Castings and Alfalfa Meal, ​


Pet Food.jpg

Pet Food

American Natural Premium Fromm Pet Food Evanger's Loyal MOFC-Midwest Organic Farmers Coop

Plants and Succulants.jpg

Plants and Succulents

​House Plants - Depending on Season Succulents Available - Depending on Season Stop in to see what we have!

Pond Supplies.JPG

Pond Supplies

​Aquascape Pond Kits, Pumps, and Filters Beneficial Bacteria and Water Treatments Pond Fish and Pond Plants (in season) Koi Food and Medications

Soils Mulch and Rock.JPG

Soils, Mulch and Rock

​Bagged Rock, Sand, and Soil Amendments. Flagstone, Steppers, and Cobblers.


Statuary and Containers.JPG

Statuary & Containers

​Glazed and Terra Cotta Pottery, Birdbaths, and Statuary.

Trees and Shrubs.JPG

Trees & Shrubs

​Fresh product available weekly! (in season)

Turf and Lawn.jpg

Turf & Lawn

​Dewitt Landscape Fabric Green-Yard Grass Seed and Fertilizers Erosion Control Blankets and Silt Fencing * Contractor Pricing Available

Lawn and Garden.jpg

Lawn and Garden

​Sprinklers, Hoses, Tools, and Gloves. Bulk Garden Seed, Seed Starting Kits, Trays, and Lights.​​​​​