FS Lubricants

​On-road or off-road, you’ll find the FS lubricant you need from our full-line of premium quality products.   FS lubricants use the highest quality base oils and the latest additive technology to meet and exceed most manufacturers’ specifications. Advanced protection against wear ensures that you’ll get the maximum value from both your lubricant and equipment investments.​​

​Prepare Now - Start Cold Engines Quicker with Suprex Gold ESP

​As cold temperatures quickly approach, now is the time to stock up on quality lubricants to protect the equipment you rely on.  Fortunately, Suprex Gold ESP, our premium diesel engine oil, has superior low temperature performance.  It flows easily and immediately at -13°F (-25°C), even after 35,000 miles. 


It is also formulated for extended drains and shows greater resistance to viscosity loss associated with shear breakdown. At typical operating temperatures, it maintains viscosity significantly above the CJ-4 minimum requirement.  Contact your Energy Specialist for more information.

A used oil analysis can do a lot for your operation: 


  • Establish safe and proper drain intervals
  • Provide a reduction in unforeseen breakdowns
  • Reduce down time
  • Minimize the number of oil changes and labor costs
  • Provide overall maintenance savings
  • Provide longer equipment life
  • Eliminate unnecessary overhauls
  • Provide support for equipment warranty claims

Contact your Energy Specialist to take a sample today.​