FS Dieselex Gold

Since 1952, Dieselex® Gold has been improving diesel fuel performance. By optimizing eight unique chemistries in combination with #2 diesel fuel, Dieselex Gold has earned a reputation for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.

 Illini FS Fuels

​Looking to improve fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and prevent expensive downtime?  Look to Illini FS for quality refined and renewable fuels and the right programs to fit your operation.  While other companies market whatever comes out of the terminal, we formulate our own premium fuels and exceed OEM standards.​

​For Powering and Protecting Diesel Engines, Nothing Outshines FS Dieselex Gold​​​​

Whether you're in the field or on the highway, you work your diesel equipment pretty hard.  So you need a diesel fuel that works just as hard.  You need FS Dieselex ® Gold.

FS Dieselex Gold is specially formulated to reduce moisture accumulation due to infiltration and condensation.  FS Dieslex Gold also delivers superior levels of cetane, detergency, lubricity, demulsifier, fuel stabilty, and corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.  All of which adds up to greater power, protection and fuel economy.  So give your equipment that outshines the rest - FS Dieselex Gold.

Take Advantage – Average Price Contracting Program Available This Fall

You do everything you can to keep costs under control and minimize risks in your everyday business operations. Our Average Price Contracting Program offers one more way you can reduce the uncertainty of fluctuating fuel prices by controlling your fuel costs.

Firm contracts can take worries off your mind so you can focus on other decisions to take your business further. Contact your Energy Sales Specialist for complete details on this program. ​